Amalgamation of Life, Director

Was I really picked?

Kind of.

Reality has set in and it’s true – I am directing a show for my little black box. I am under a year from auditions. At a year from completing my first week of rehearsal. And a year and three months from my first production. I can’t believe it. I have a script next to me, I’m going to take it on some adventures while I plot things out. Introduce it to my producer (she’s been on vacation since I received it). Design a set, costumes, make up plot, everything.

I have to remember to be thankful and take in all of the experiences of my past productions. Still make it my own but remember all of the hard lessons I learned while working with other directors, casts, even audiences–it’s not always a ball of sunshine. Productions, from the perspective of director, are a mixture of opportunities and pitfalls. It’s easy to see things big picture and forget about minute details that audience members can narrow in on. I will say that the staff I have assembled (I almost feel like an Avenger when I say that) has an eye for detail that is phenomenal.

Not even just the production staff. Friends have gone and are planning to go out of their way to help me in whatever capacity they can. I have a friend who picked up my chariot and another one is storing it for me until March next year. An entirely different person is going to help me see any possible pitfalls in my production plans by going over all the details I’m going to write up–one of these days, I am going to write up my plans and share them with the world. I’m almost there!

I’ve begun setting deadlines for myself so I can hold myself accountable and meet the expectations that I not only set myself but also what is expected of me from the Board of Directors, my staff, my friends, family, and my audiences. I don’t think I’ll be over prepared but I wouldn’t be shocked if I end up covering at least 60% of my needs–and that’s being generous. I expect to forget a lot but I don’t expect to fail. Here’s to hoping that I was the right choice, ’til next time.

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