Amalgamation of Life

I always wanted to be a star, but…

  • Apprentice as a producer for a production

My interest turned towards directing very early on in my return to the theatre. I can’t help but admit I like being in control. But, in defense of this, it’s because I have a huge amount of creative intelligence that can’t be segmented to only costuming, or only make up’ing and etc. Often, I have many thoughts and questions over a directors choice and when they’re voiced, I get some nice feedback on the thoughtfulness of the ideas I position. Does this make me a good director? Maybe one day, it’s a long journey and I’m thankful that I’ve started it.

A producer. My show has a producer, one of my best friends, Christa. She’s actually none of my producers for another show I’m auditioning and costuming for early next season. I’m excited to work with her for many reasons. I know she isn’t going to hinder a lot of my decisions or plans because she wants me to express myself during my debut but she is going to keep me in line. A producer is intended to keep a show at cost and on track for opening–if a director has too many (re: costly) ideas or can’t reign a staff and cast in, the producer steps in.

This is where I struggle and think it will be a great opportunity not only to learn as I am directing but also learn from my producer. I’m not saying this because she’s one of my best friends but I admit to a little bias–I honestly don’t think I could’ve picked a better producer. Christa has a way of talking people down without talking down to them, of realizing character potential in an actor, and can keep me on point rather candidly. I got to give her props, she’s going to really be pushing herself this year between producing two shows and (hopefully) auditioning for a role at a local theater.

The characteristics that I think are most key to being a good producer she has in spades and I am eager to see how she handles working with someone like me. Stay tuned for  notes from our first production staff meeting, ’til next time.

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