Amalgamation of Life, Director


I made one! Did you see it? What do you think…do you think I’m missing any thing? Trust me, I probably am missing a lot of things because I’m learning. This is the first time for me. Want to know why I’m so sure I’ll miss something?

Because I already did!

I forgot to include completing my Boss Book! This is actually step one to the checklist. It’ll help ensure I don’t forget anything along the way. My great friend, Suki (not the fae turned vampire), provided me with a template (re: Boss Book) she created to keep her and her shows on track. I was first exposed to it when I was her stage manager during Equus–when I expressed interest in directing, she handed over a blank template for my use.

So, here’s the updated list:

  1. Boss Book
    • Rehearsal Schedule
    • Costume & Make up plot
    • Stage (rudimentary) design
    • Call Sheet
    • Acronyms
  2. Show aura
  3. Set design–including lobby, seating, and flooring
  4. Costume design–this should be interesting, my mother and aunt are helping me with these items.
  5. Blocking
  6. Light design
  7. Musical intent–including entrances and exits (this means who all is supposed to be on stage based on preceding and following scenes)
  8. Choreography intent–including entrances and exits (” “)
  9. Production staff meeting
  10. Thank you gifts
  11. Director bio, note, live curtain speech

And… for the last thing that I’ve forgotten–my friends who have supported me indirectly for this show. Suki, Becky, and Kristin–three of the greatest people not involved in this experience but suffering from all of my eccentricities regarding this show. ‘Til next time.

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