Amalgamation of Life

Separating biz and friends

Do you find yourself weighing decisions and wondering how bias your decisions may be or may be perceived? I often find myself wondering, especially since being accused (word choice?) that I favor my friends. Well… don’t we mirror or find ourselves in company of those of similar interests, perspectives, and thought? Is it really possible to remove myself as a friend when making Board or other theater-impacting decisions, such as weighing in on casting or working with others?

I don’t know. I try to make decisions with minimal personal influence and I like to think the skills I learned at my office helped properly to do so. Let me tell you some of the things I do to prevent ‘cross contamination.’

  1. Communication Plans.
    Each show receives a dedicated amount of attention for Facebook and our newsletter. Nothing else short of emergency notices to our membership (snow, show cancellations, etc.) trumps a productions ad time.
  2. Acknowledgments.
    This gets tricky. I know a majority of our membership but I only know a few of them well enough to have knowledge of their life updates. I’ve announced an engagement and members’ musical performance. Moving forward, I might limit this to only include announcements of members participating in other local theaters.
  3. Seeking Assistance.
    This will be new, for next season after I propose the idea to the board. If a production needs a specific talent for set build, light design–instead of it falling on the director or producer, why not ask our entire membership and who has access to that? Secretary.

There are so many people who reach out to assist the theatre but I don’t know that any one actually follows up with them. And, where does that information go to live for future use if not necessary at the received moment.

My thought is that maybe if there was one, contained sign up sheet it would be easier to pull/poll volunteers for specific opportunities at the theatre. We already do this for our Hospitality and Box Office volunteers, I forward along the notifications to the respective chairpersons–why not do it for the other things at the theatre?

I like to imagine that I keep a pretty good separation of my personal life from this professional aspect of my voluncareer but I don’t know–do I focus on my friends in the newsletter? I don’t know, but it’s a good thought to have after my ‘accusation!’ I do want to acknowledge that I unabashedly am bias towards women over men, but I blame my mother for the woman empowerment vein inside my soul. ‘Til next time.

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