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How did I pick…? Part I

A show?

I don’t know. It came up in play reading and as you might recall A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum has been a bucket list show because I knew it was a bucket list show. I am beyond ecstatic that it’s going to be my first show. It’s one of my earliest memories from learning Latin in high school and college (and yes, we were all well aware this was not an accurate representation of Roman culture, etc., but it was just good fun for the class).

So was it a first choice for me? Not really, I didn’t consider it until someone else brought it up. When I heard it, I leaped on it. It’s a good show, I know it fairly well and it’s just plain fun for both audience, cast, and production staff–why wouldn’t I have picked it? I am eager, excited, and petrified for how it turns out. My only publicized concern is obtaining the right type of men for those roles I have deemed appropriate to remain male out of humorous necessity. Otherwise I know the rest of it will fall into place as appropriate.

Or rather, my producer continues to remind me that the rest will fall into place as they occur and there’s no need to rush and worry unnecessarily. With that in mind, I’ve been trying to enjoy the prep work and research that leads to producing a finished product. Does this make me a bad director? I don’t know, the jury is out on this question until June 2019–check back in then. ‘Til next time.

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