Amalgamation of Life, Costume Designer

Is it cold outside?…Not any more!

It’s just cold on the inside, but I never let it bother me.

One of my friends is a blog writer, too! She is one of the influencers in my life–I started running because of her and I started blogging in awe of her. She does a lot of things better than I do, she’s had a few more years of practice and has a different kind of audience. One of the things she does, and of which I will remain jealous of because I think until I finish graduate school I will be unable to duplicate to the fullest of my capabilities, she sees Broadway shows.

Now, we had seen Hello Dolly! together this past September/October but it didn’t necessarily cater to her interests as a blogger. Sure it’s a good show and we got to see the immortal Bette Midler extend a scene until even we were tired of her, but it didn’t relate to Disney. At least not in any conceivable way we could imagine with our combined IQ. However, recently she saw Frozen the musical and wrote her review as a comparison to the movie. There are a lot of good points and decisions made by the creators, writing team and producers and it’s just different enough from the movie to stand on its own.

Before you read any further into my post, read her review (a goal of mine to do in the future) and maybe do some additional research on the interwebs. I will only say one thing and let you come to your own conclusion on this facet…




Okay, have you done your research? No?! Just kidding.

Here it is, my thought–a bit pervasive and maybe wrong. But why did they give Elsa pants to run away? Becky, our mutual friends, Barry and Kristin, and I had a conversation that it’s more practical than a dress with a cape…I get it, logistically I get it. Branches, downed trees with overgrowth, everything that can be caught in an ice made ensemble will get caught in it during a run-away sequence. But it’s Elsa… I’m not saying she’s all powerful, but isn’t she powerful enough to avoid and/or figure out how to avoid being stopped by a few branches…

The fem in me is like, no that girl is powerful no matter what she wears… but then, exactly–whatever she wears. Dress included. It’s stupid to argue about but I think as a costumer, I don’t know that I’d put someone into pants just because it’s practical. I think it depends on the actor and themeing of the production and inevitably–what does the director want to see? I would argue for my perspective until the ends of the earth but would probably eventually relent to keep the peace.

I wouldn’t be happy about it, but I would survive and my actress would probably be grateful for pants anyhow. ‘Til next time.

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