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I wanted to share a recent and very candid conversation I had with my producer, Christa.

When an actor asks ‘what’s my inspiration?’ for moving lazily to the left–and this started off as very comedic and genial–it’s honestly often because we just need the actor to move to the left and not be obvious about it, hence the lazy adjective. We don’t always have some underlying meaning for you to move, sometimes we just need you out of the way. It’s not a bad question to ask, but when a production staff is exasperated with the question (and it is always the question, not the person), realize that it isn’t about inspiration.

I hope this doesn’t offend any actors in the world and I’d be happy to take a few punches on the chin about this stance but it’s one perspective and it’s mine. Maybe someone will change my mind but for now, I’m happy with laughing about this stance.

‘Til next time.

2 thoughts on “Inspiration”

  1. I’d think that if an actor really needs “motivation” for a certain movement, they can create something on their own. I like to think about why my character does everything she does, but I don’t need to bug the director with it unless it’s something major. Maybe I just need to stretch my legs a little, maybe the sun was coming in the window at an angle that required me to move. I don’t think it really matters though I do personally like to think about it, but just for myself.

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    1. I think you have it right Becky–to me, I think there’s more moments for actors to stretch and find their characters (or find the light) on their own but there’s definitely moments when the director has to step up and provide an underlying meaning for the actors. It’s a tricky balance of who’s bothering who and who might be hovering and blocking either internal or external inspiration.


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