Amalgamation of Life, Director


It’s a balancing act for both actors and directors. Playwrights provide us with this story about relationships–about sometimes very specific relationships, including between man and woman, women and man, etc., where gender can be bent if deemed appropriate and necessary. But what about ages? When a role is written as a young ingenue with an inappropriate old lech chasing up her skirt–what’s a director supposed to do?

These decisions are especially difficult when the talent in front of you at auditions is considered nontraditional per the character description. I’m one for throwing things to the wind, gender especially, but this one has given me some pause as I think about what characteristics and talent I’d like to see for my show. I have two young loves, specifically identified as virginal, who romanticize every thing about a relationship. It has to be believable, but does that exist only in the youth?

This post is going to be unusual in the sense that I don’t have an answer as of yet and it’s going to be super brief. This thought is in my head and I wanted to provide you, my readers and audience, some additional insight into the purview of a director. It begins early and it’s not always pleasant–it can be very hard and full of very heavily considered options. What should I do? I don’t know yet, but I hope to figure it out before auditions. ‘Til next time.

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