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It’s time for peek of the week – one of the scripts I’m dying to try one day is…

Norman Conquests: Table Manners / Living Together / Round and Round the Garden by Alan Ayckbourn

Wait… what is this? A repeat? Boo, boo! Get off stage!

*cue car horn sound and tires squealing*

deep dive

This show has been selected for a Friday Deep Dive!

I want to focus a bit deeper on some of the shows I’m dreaming about–the ‘why’ behind them. I started a little with my post two weeks ago, Carmen, and even a few other ‘repeats’ where I explain the differences between similarly titled shows (Play on and Play on!). I hope you enjoy these deep dives into why I love these shows.

I like the potential versatility afforded this show. It’s broken down into three acts with six people over the course of one weekend in a house. What’s versatile about that? The set completely changes. Each act is completed in a different room of the house. Because of this reason and only for now, it’s a show I can only dream about because I can’t imagine changing out a set two times in a single performance. Mainly that comes down to man power–some theatres have a large group of individuals who work backstage but my little black box doesn’t have that.

So how would I do this at my little black box? I think I’d probably triple cast the show–each weekend would have the two casts not acting, operate as stage hands to do the change over as quickly as possible. And that’s all that I got on this show. It’s not much, but it’s a show I’m putting on my radar because it’s got some great roles and characterization for women with overall a great poignancy and theme-ing throughout the production.

I hope you enjoyed this

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