Amalgamation of Life

Learn from my mistakes

Learn from my mistakes because there are tons of them–

I am working with a production staff presently that mirrors one I had worked with before, a staff that I felt left much to be desired in the relationship. Feelings that I may have alone or that might be shared between parties.. things I do not know but that are nonetheless there and driven by my anxiety. How do I overcome when and where I make mistakes? Can’t just block them out–that’s how cancer spreads.

That is *not* how cancer is spread but the experiences sometimes leave me awake at night. You know that you’ve not met some, if not all of, the minimum standards and you can either hope never to work with the people again or figure out a way to move forward in the relationship again. It’s not so much overcoming experiences but how do I learn from them? This takes a lot out of me because it requires a ton of introspection, not my favorite (and perhaps, no one’s) activity, but is paramount.

Step One: Apologize. There’s no escaping the fact you made a mistake. You can’t move forward without acknowledging the past.

Step Two: Review. Where was the misstep? Was it a miscommunication or a choice with a risk that did not payout after the effort it needed? It doesn’t matter, why–

Step Three: Because you all need to move forward.

I’m not saying these are the end all be all steps to recover from a mistake, but they are a start and they at least get you moving in the right direction. Take it from an expert mistake maker (me).. it’s worth a try to recover relationships, especially in community theatre. The world is small and you never know when you might need someone’s expertise–it’s better to have a broken slate than no slate at all. ‘Til next time.

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