Amalgamation of Life


It’s time for peek of the day – one of the scripts I’m dying to try one day is…

You Can’t Take it with You: A Comedy in Three Act by Moss Hart

Wait… what is this? A repeat? Boo, boo! Get off stage!

*cue car horn sound and tires squealing*

deep dive

This show has been selected for a Friday Deep Dive!

I want to focus a bit deeper on some of the shows I’m dreaming about–the ‘why’ behind them. This show holds a special place in my heart because of the eccentricities of the family really make you fall in love with the individuals and their characteristics. This show stands the test of time because we all know an old man who tries to be a miserly curmudgeon but can’t quite keep the joy out of his voice. He’s supported by his family who seemingly find a way to keep him out of trouble… what kind of trouble?

Oh, nothing too special–just avoiding federal investigators for some trivial tax invasion. It’s a hoot and a holler of a show, one that I am going to keep on my ‘to do’ list until I get the opportunity to put into production.

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