Amalgamation of Life, Costume Designer

What I wouldn’t do…

What I wouldn’t do…

There are very few and far between things.

I say that I do, and would do, everything for my actors to make them shine on stage, but I found it hard to pinpoint some examples that I could provide you, my readers. Well, the first (recently acknowledged, remembered, and now reiterated) example came in clear at the middle of a tech rehearsal for Gypsy. I literally took my ponytail holder out of my hair and gave it to one of my actors–she needed it and I could survive without it for the night. She probably wasn’t generally pleased but as I’m a fairly clean individual it works for both of us.

Fun fact–she’s going to be a light-up Viking’esque stripper. Photos to come in my portfolio once the show is in full production.

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