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Hugging–why is it a big thing in the theater world? Is it only a big thing in my community or is it all over? I can’t answer this second question as I only have a/n (preliminary) answer to the first question.

Shared experiences. You live and grow with a group of individuals, both cast and staff, learn a new role and mature parts of you that you may not have known existed within you. This group of people come together, maybe or maybe not knowing one another, and creating something fresh and new. Even if it were a reiteration of a show you had done before, you had never done it *this* way with *these* people. That’s what’s important to remember–the people you work with make the experience.

The experience is what you remember, enjoy and when you see those individuals–bask in those moments of memory. Hug away the pain, because there are pain when you realize what had happened and is over. Hug with the joy, because you can recall the moments where you broke and laughed at a silly mistake on stage (even funnier when it’s tech week). Hug with the promise that you’ll work together in the future.

I was initially opposed to the hugging, specifically because I am and my family are not big huggers. It’s a new experience for me, but with these 3 concepts in my head (heart?), and I am grateful for the people who want to hug me. Remember those who helped you become who you are today and who you want to be in the future, ’til next time.

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