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Those who help me

Those who help me through the tumultuous experience of planning and breaking down a show. I’ve asked one of my friends who, to me, has a better eye for detail. I am actually going to be setting up a meeting for her and I to hopefully help me continue to pin down the minutia of the script. She doesn’t have to do this and I almost feel bad for cornering her one day, asking her to do this with me.

In my defense (if one can say that), when I initially asked for her assistance she was going to have off for the summer. I didn’t feel as bad for requesting an afternoon with her (over lunch, drinks, what have we) to scour over the score and script for any (and all) differences. For instance, did you know a majority of printed/copy righted stage directions are often from the original productions notes from the Stage Manager (SM)? They are provided by the director the actors, but it was up to the SM to keep track of who/what went where at what time and for what purpose.

Scripts can often be hella confusing, and due to so many changes (last minute or not), and contradictory to the instructions provided to the musical score. I am hoping that this meeting, if nothing else, helps me see the show in another persons eyes before having my staff provide their insight. Much like script and score, I am feeling contradictory. I don’t want to seem like I am being exclusionary, I do value their opinions, but I think the purpose of this opportunity is for me to see from the outside. That’s important, no?

The show is playing to an audience, an audience I haven’t met yet. Her perspective, because it isn’t buried in the text like mine is, is going to be completely fresh and uninvolved. I am bringing a blank notebook to write down (probably furiously) ideas and thoughts she and I generate through discussion. This is exciting pre-work (when did I get excited by pre-work? An activity I often skipped in my textbooks) I can’t wait to a) schedule with her and b) see it come to fruition.

Am I too prepared? Maybe, but rather be over prepared than under prepared. Thanks Kim. ‘Til next time.

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