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Headshots–do I ask for them?

I want to be totally real right now. I have a hard time remembering peoples names, faces, and any such combination of the two. I am really half tempted to request any one who auditions for me to submit their form with a headshots. Then labelling those headshots (if a name is not provided on them as I have seen in the past) so I can start remembering peoples names with faces. I am also half tempted to request those same individuals to wear a name tag. I. am. that. kind. of. terrible.

I recently asked my Facebook followers what they thought and would they submit a headshot to a director at an audition. Here are the results:

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 17.15.27.png

I don’t have an idea what I’m going to use this information for, I’m still bias against my own headshot but if you have one you’re proud of… show it off! Me? I think I’ll stick to taking selfies and posting them irreverently on Instagram. ‘Til next time.

1 thought on “Headshots”

  1. When I have directed kids/teens, most of whom don’t have head shots, I’ve had my stage manager take Polaroids (back in the day) or cell phone shots (and keep a running list).


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