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Mandated clothing for crew

Mandate black clothing for crew?

I am definitely one of those people who own (perhaps) a (literal) ton of black clothing. But I often never find myself wearing it on performance nights where I am production staff. At my little black box theatre, it seems (almost) completely unnecessary. My work is done downstairs or completely removed in the wings (i.e. lobby) with no opportunity to be seen by the audience, even in error or by mistake.

Do I go a bit overboard with my blue jeans and white t shirts? Probably, but there’s not much any one is going to do about it. For Forum, I am making a toga costume for my Stage Manager and myself. I am not about being hidden in the wings during my production–I want people to know who I am and accept all of the congratulations I am eager to receive.

I am doing costumes for Curtains! and I don’t know what I’ll be tasked with backstage on performance nights. And the next show I am on staff for, All Shook Up, is at my black box where I am in the production… I don’t think it’ll be an ask to wear black. Definitely will have to honor the ask to hit my cues and marks timely and repeatedly.

Let your people be comfortable. As long as they are professional with your actors and get the job done, that’s really that matters isn’t it? Plus, who even made this a rule? ‘Til next time.

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