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AGAIN. Changes, again.

AGAIN. Changes, again.

But this time… near the end of the run of a show.

Is it worth it? It can be–there are some changes worth it in the end. Sometimes things fall apart (literally, a costume has been known to fall apart before the end of a run) and I would have to say that these kind of changes are necessary. Can’t put an actor on stage naked, can we? Not really, not every show is the Full Monty or Equus.

I wanted to take back a few things about my original post because I’ve learned in the last few weeks. It’s important to remain flexible and while consistency is appreciated from a staff and actor perspective, the fact remains that *some* new ideas are sometimes better for the run of the show. As a show develops, even during performances, changes are necessary and should be welcomed so as to improve timing, values, and enjoyment. A show should be easy and what once was easy may have evolved into something convoluted and overworked.

In summation, I wanted to emphasize that changes can be bad but also can be good. You have to weigh the pros and cons of a change. Don’t be frightened of them and don’t be hesitant to roll with the punches, sometimes you have to be knocked off balance to find a better foothold. ‘Til next time.

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