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The kid in me

I am a self professed child at heart. I know this, all of my friends and family know this–I don’t think I actually know how to be an adult. Would there actually be any difference, as an actor, to me?

Let me focus on the differences between shows as an adult and as a teen. This post has been harder to write than I originally imagined. I can’t honestly think of anything other than I (hopefully) know more now than I did then.

  • I have a better appreciation for production staff
  • I have a larger understanding of light mechanics (which is disappointing because I dated the light guys almost extensively in high school–sorry Sean)
  • I now understand the importance of having creativity but appropriately toeing the original intent of the show in order to maintain its integrity
  • I am better at balancing my time between theater, work, school, and play
  • I’ve learned additional make up, costuming, dancing, and acting skills

I entered theater as a teenager to make friends. It didn’t work (pretend to be shocked), I actually alienated myself from the girls (which I went to school with 7+ hours a day) for being so odd(…?). I also wasn’t as serious about theater as I could have been–boy crazy and easily distracted. I entered theater as an adult sort of unwillingly but I ended up with so many friends and people I consider family, still boy crazy and even more so easily distracted.

Now, I am not undervaluing what I had learned in my high school days, that’s when my learning process started. But, I think that I have spent more time appreciating and understanding theater as an adult–more so than I did as a teenager. Having worked with teenagers on the production of Curtains! I’ve been attempting to instill some of my adult-learned wisdom to them…at least the ones who have asked or taken the time to ask me a question on my past experiences.

I am definitely no expert but I do value all of the experiences that I’ve gone through and lead me to my current place in theater. Now, as a full fledge costumer and actor, soon to be developing into a director…it’s kind of insane to think about how much I’ve changed. I forgot a few final differences between theater as a teenager and as an adult:

  • I appreciate my time spent in the theater and working on a production
  • I anticipate working on a production, starting with auditions up until closing night

These are all positive changes and outlooks to have, I’m happy how I’ve grown and how far I’ve come in the theatrical world. I hope you guys experience the same kind of changes, ’til next time.

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