Amalgamation of Life, Costume Designer

Those who help me


I didn’t know, when I started with these theme of blog posts (hint: this title will be coming up again) that I’d include the following group (type?) of people for thanks.


I don’t know why but when I started this recent journey on Curtains! I didn’t know I would have help. I think I go into a lot of projects this way; I am alone, I have to do it on my own, how can I do this? First of all, I don’t know how any of these thoughts enter my head but they do and they remain sometimes past their due date. I am always thankful when I am wrong. I am even more thankful when I am wrong and consider how truly large this task was that I completed.

Correction, that we completed. So, thank you to those parent volunteers who did more for me than I was prepared to ask and did it with a smile. You helped me see the joy in dressing 41 teens and without you, I would’ve failed them. ‘Til next time.

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