Amalgamation of Life

Why do I peek?

Have I ever explained why I post weekly *peek* posts?

Trust me, you don’t have to go through my blog and find out… I already did that, there’s no explanation post. I think I started to do it for some sense of regularity with my blog posts. I also use tags and hash tags (pound signs to you gen x’ers) for those who might search with those keywords via the wordpress database. They would find my blog when whatever I may be writing about what matches their search, therefore gaining new followers.

It’s a great opportunity to give my readers insight into what I enjoy and what you might enjoy, as well. Maybe it’s a show you would never consider enjoying (re: some Roman or British plays) which may be hard to relate to a more general audience. If I can read and enjoy them, pretty much any one can possibly enjoy them. It depends on their theme, message, and their intent–does it speak to you in the moment you read it or see a performance?

Maybe not. I find often that you (maybe it’s just me) won’t enjoy a thing, activity or show, when you aren’t properly prepared to enjoy what’s in front of you. It’s hard. And, I think this is one of my consistent messages, is that life gets in the way. You can make plans to see a show, a few weeks in advance, and before you know it–your car breaks down, there’s traffic on the way to the theater, anything–it doesn’t matter what it is, it might destroy your mood.

While it’s impossible to create a perfect environment, it is possible to recede from reality and enjoy what’s in front of you. Theatre is the escape from the present. It takes you to another world–a world without a broken car (perhaps no cars), without traffic–where you can enjoy yourself and the people around you. Whether you’re reading solo or in an audience, you aren’t actually alone. The characters are there to help transport you into this other dimension, this surreality.

Reading shows, for me, is an opportunity to calm my present life and enjoy a bit of the fantasy world which makes me, and hopefully you, a bit happier. You don’t have to read everything that I read, but maybe the next time a title intrigues you–hopefully it’s a when the next time a title intrigues you–you’ll give it a chance. The author escaped a reality to create something new, and you need to peek at something new, don’t you? ‘Til next time.

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