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What would I do on house arrest?

I don’t know if I’ve ever told you guys, but I’m kind of a giant nerd. I love movies, theater, comics, and fantasy. What better way to get my kicks in than with the Marvel universe? Excluding it’s recent venture into getting Spiderman on Broadway–seriously, who thought that was a good idea? Even this nerd heard major alarm bells going off when that was announced.

So, being the nerd that I am, I recently saw the movie Ant-Man and the Wasp. One of my favorite comic book anti-hero hero because, at the root of Ant-Mans character, is a human heart. What he does, even before he was a superhero, is for his family and how he can best invest in a future with his daughter. Now, I am not saying that breaking and entering to steal is a good idea, but I can appreciate the lengths to which he did go to ensure he’d keep seeing his daughter.

Having not seen several of the Avenger movies (personal reasons summed up with that I don’t generally enjoy the plot line of that series), I was a bit perplexed and experienced moments where I was lost on the plot line. Fortunately, it wasn’t that difficult and I was able to catch up fairly quickly maybe only losing out on some minor details in the first 15 minutes I would have noticed otherwise. I’m not overly concerned because I’ll be seeing the movie again and again. Told you, big fan.

Without giving too much of the story away, Scott Lang ends up metaphorically paying for savi–…destroying(?) half of the European continent with Captain America. Lang is coming up to the end of his probation, having been sequestered in his house for the last 3 years in an attempt to stay out of trouble. Lang takes the opportunity to goof around and build a really engaging environment for his daughter. He fortunately has a home set up (something he didn’t have the opportunity to do for many years while actually imprisoned) in an attempt to stay out of trouble. Having had no contact with any of the other Avengers, he opens up his own business with his former band of thieves which affords him the opportunity to work from home.

This summary doesn’t even do his story justice. The movies went in a slightly different vein than the comic but I can still appreciate where they took the Lang character. I have to say though that this character has one of the more entertaining and engaging stories in the Marvel universe. Give it a chance if you haven’t already. So, while I was taking notes for my upcoming movie review, I had the thought: “What would I do on house arrest?”

  1. I would read so many things. The pile of scripts, texts and other books on my bedside table is beginning to reach a daunting height and if I get anymore suggestions I get from my friends, I might vomit–I am feeling overwhelmed.
  2. I would study foreign languages out the whazoo. I don’t know what I would study first, but it wouldn’t matter. I feel that I could get through a few languages depending on the length of term.
  3. I would host all kinds of parties! How else am I going to see my best friends and family? Bring them home, to me. Plus, I love entertaining with games and celebrating different events, just overall so much fun.
  4. I would take the opportunity to relax and enjoy time by myself. It’s one of my favorite past times, don’t you just love being and doing everything that you want to do at home? With little to no other obligations or distractions…

That all being said, doesn’t take into account how upset I would feel that I wouldn’t be able to travel for the amount of time I was locked up. I think that’s why I believe that I would make best efforts to utilize my time appropriately and efficiently–don’t want to end up being a waste of space when I’m released. I’d probably, and this might go without saying, have several other shows planned out and prepared to propose once my time is up. At least, I would hope so.

But!, here’s the real hope–I hope I never end up on house arrest but I do hope that I begin making those four items a priority in my every day life. It’s easy to forget to do the things you want to do because there will always be time later, but eventually you run out of time. Use your time wisely my friends, enjoy it and make time for the items that matters most to you, even if they seem as simple as just reading a book or building an ant farm out of boxes for your daughter.

‘Til next time.

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