Amalgamation of Life


It’s time for peek of the day – one of the scripts I’m dying to try one day is…

You Can’t Take it with You: A Comedy in Three Acts by Moss Hart

It’s time for Deep Dive Friday!

Have you ever tried to escape your family? Mainly because you’ve been stuck in a house with them.. oh, let’s say, all of your life? Family is wonderful, but sometimes they can drive you crazy. That’s how you know they’re family. Only family can make you feel like nails were just dragged along a chalkboard and only family can make you feel like a dozen puppies were cuddling you.

But, back to the crazy.

This comedy is different as it’s not told from one singular point of view. Each character, other than perhaps the patriarch, receives almost equal stage time either alone or with their significant other. Every one in this family has their eccentricities and I think that is what interests me the most with this show. Every person gets the opportunity to build a real character that helps pivot and drive the show. Their quirks are endearing, albeit cumbersome, and really help the audience love the farce in front of them.

It’s a good show for a strong ensemble. A term that I am coming more and more into agreement with these days. ‘Til next time.

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