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How did I pick? Part II

How did I pick a production staff? It wasn’t easy, I really didn’t know where to go aside from my close knit group of friends. Was there any body else? Sure, but did I trust them? Frankly, no, I did not. I trust my friends with any of my personal possessions and even myself (when I let them drive), but do I trust them with production responsibilities?

I think because I had never seen them in a formal, production staff role and I didn’t trust myself to let go of my old responsibilities. I have done props and costumes–could I let go of those roles? I will honestly say that I am looking forward to relinquishing some of the responsibilities that comes with costume designing a show. As for props, I had to do some review through the script to develop a list of props for my Stage Manager–I didn’t want to leave that all on her, that’s not fair.

I am, happily, leaving her to collect or create props required for the show. I am, unhappily, still owning creating and buying a majority of the costumes–at least the base/basic togas. For my high society characters, I’ll be deferring to my aunt to create some of the special aspects of their characters. I’m going to be a bit vague here on what those aspects are because I want to finish developing them and then, possibly, waiting until the pieces are created, too.

I will say it was easy to pick my Master Builder. I had watched my friend get trounced and stomped on despite all of the blood, sweat, and tears she put in on other set builds. Another reason why this was easy to pick was because I had no emotional attachment to owning building my set for the show–I, uh, do not do well when it comes to that kind of work. I am extremely thankful to provide her with this opportunity and have the utmost faith in her capabilities to own and fulfill all of my requests (within the limitations of the theatre).

As my first show, I am finding it difficult to let go of what I am comfortable and capable of doing as a production staff member. I hope that once I get through a bit more of the pre-planning I’ve been working on since February this year, that I’ll be able to let go of some more things. The last thing I “have to do” (meaning a requirement only I placed on myself) is initially block out the actors moves–if nothing else, at least their exits and entrances.

‘Til next time.

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