Amalgamation of Life, Director


Bending genders? What are the rules and regulations? Or…do I make them up as I go…

I’ve been faced with some hard questions and realizations when it comes to Forum. It’s a male heavy show but I picked it and I *thought* I could get away with reversing genders on all of the roles. I’m coming up with pitfalls to that logic–does it make sense, specifically for Senex and Erronious, to be women? I’m coming up with the conclusion of no, it does not make sense for these roles to be gender bend’ed, they are and should remain male.

I’m kind of disappointed in this realization. I want this ideal world, and you think it’s going to be easy to obtain it, but it ends up falling apart. An all female cast–sorry, not today, Mercedes. At least it’s not like it’s the week before auditions, at least I’m acknowledging this and I have time to get used to it. I am allowed to still feel a bit of malaise from the realization. Thanks to a great friend, Kim, and supportive production staff, I know this show is on the right and best path available to me and my potential cast, whoever they may be.

Speaking of auditions… (super proud of this) I have continued to power through this and completed a remarkable large amount of work to prepare for auditions. I recently completed a round of auditions with my second home theatre and observed a new way of audition prep for directors, specifically new directors. Here’s the list of items I’ve leveraged, which may not make sense until you see examples, as the titles of these items can appear iterative.

  • Audition Scenes (with Characters)
  • Audition Notes (broken down by Groups of Characters)
  • Audition Information (break down of expectations, guidelines, schedules, and staff)

Once I identify if this material was useful (which I highly suspect it will be because it was successful for me as AD.. why would it change as I become Director?), I’ll upload the templates to my portfolio.

I am not going to let any disappointment or distraction get in the way of my of my goals in successfully directing this show.  Oh.. and I am *still* avoiding blocking the show; I really just need to sit down and do it–and it’s not lazy, it’s fear. ‘Til next time.

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