Amalgamation of Life, Costume Designer, Director

Appropriate thanks

What I’ve been missing in my recent thank-full posts may not be very apparent in my everyday life.

I’d like to focus on my mom, for this post. It’s old news, but I don’t thank her enough. *And,* I really don’t thank her enough for the silly things that she does for me. For instance, she’s letting me store costumes in her garage. I recently bought two storage containers, those roundish-blocky plastic boxes, that (once the costumes are cleaned from All Shook Up) is going to house my togas for the next few months. It’s not like it’s an empty space, she has her own life going on in there. But she still offered it and she’s letting me do it (rent free, I might add).

It doesn’t get any better than that and I am thankful to her for that.

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