Amalgamation of Life

Do you remember me?

Do you remember who I am and what this blog is about? Because I have been so remiss on writing posts, I wouldn’t be shocked if I had lost any followers. I am scheduling some time on my weekly calendar to get back on track and return to my roots–a lot has been happening and I have so many pending blog posts for you to read!

What’s coming up?

  • A review of a production I recently saw
  • Fear of collapse (under costumes and under pressure)
  • Repeating a show (different perspective: character growth)
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Prioritizing due to scheduling mistakes
  • How to grab an eye
    • Does alliteration work? — director seeking dynamic duo
  • When you cast someone you didn’t think you’d cast

Look out for some new thoughts and cool perspectives in upcoming posts!

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