Amalgamation of Life

Treat yo’self

Treat yourself doesn’t necessarily have to mean spend an extravagant amount of money on something you want (service, product, etc.). It can sometimes mean just taking some time away from your every day life to realign and focus inward. I’ve learned recently that I often forget to schedule downtime (yes, my life is that hectic that it needs to be scheduled) let alone really allow myself to enjoy said downtime. So, how do I address it? I force myself to go away from everything.

  • Plan 3 excursions – one friend trip, one family trip, one solo trip

The bullet point is how this blog post started. It was a goal of mine to plan one of each of the above. So far, I have planned two friend trips, two family trips, and no solo trip. Why am I not my own priority? It is easier to do the friend and family trip as I have two very A type personalities usually taking on a majority of the planning and scheduling for those trips. But me? I can honestly say that I have never scheduled a trip by myself. Where would I even go?

Plan A) I think for the first time I’m going to treat myself to a solo trip to Disney for one of my favorite holidays–Independence Day 2019. Now, how am I going to survive that long until then, considering its only October 2018? Plan B) Take a few days off here and there, get some well deserved rest at home covered up in a huge, warm blanket with my cat purring next to me. While it is absolutely amazing to get away, it is sometimes more advantageous to stay home and center.

How do I center myself?

I was reminded by one of my friends recently, in between graduate school and work and two productions and training for the half marathons, that stressed out doesn’t begin to describe what I’m probably feeling. I am not taking care of myself, not my inner self at least, and that’s most important considering everything I want to accomplish with my life. Here’s a few ways how I accomplish centering:

  • While a lot of my exercising is useful for my half marathon training, it’s actually very therapeutic to sweat out a lot of my stress–and I do mean sweat it out.
  • Even running is therapeutic, I can stamp out a lot of thoughts and take a lot of notes while hitting the pavement.
  • I make time to read books that aren’t related to school or work; specifically, I joined a Disney book club to relax mentally.
  • I sing and dance in my room, all alone with no audience. This works not only to keep my vocal chords warm and stretched, but also makes me really (stupidly) happy.
  • I watch mindless TV–really ridiculous shows that take no toll on my brain to process and enjoy; here’s a few of my favorites: Big Mouth, Bob’s Burgers, etc.

I think all of the above is a few, if not all, of the reasons behind why I don’t schedule vacations for myself–I enjoy my personal space, where I live and relax daily. And that’s okay, you don’t have to spend money to center and focus on yourself, you have to do what makes you feel right and better. Find that and hold on tight. ‘Til next time.

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