Amalgamation of Life, Director

Shocked even myself.

It’s no secret that not every one is a pleasant person to work with or comes, I myself fall into this category more often than I care to imagine. But what do you do, when you cast someone you didn’t think you’d cast?

It’s really hard to be so positively affirmative when saying “I will never work with…” You can say it, there’s nothing wrong with saying it, but when it’s wrong you have to admit it’s wrong. Especially when that person (or persons) brings their A game and blows you away with their audition. There’s nothing else you can do or say. If that person has brought their best, you must cast them for your show.

I don’t know how many times I’ve said this, but it definitely worth repeating:

When you are producing, directing, casting a show–it’s not about you or what petty squabbles you might bring to the table. Everything is about the production and what’s the right fit for the show. This could be a dream role for the person, something they’ve been working on and equally matched to their predecessors in accomplishing the roles goals, characteristics, growth and opportunities, just everything.

Me, right now, telling you

There’s a lot of questions one could ask/answer. This is a convoluted topic and I’m going to break it down for y’all:

  1. When they are right for the role, and fit with your other casted actors, do you proceed as if nothing happened in previous interactions?
  2. Do you admit that you’re wrong to make amends, even if only to just move on?
  3. If you don’t cast the actor, what kind of reputation does that set for you as a leader? 
  4. Why lose that opportunity for success for yourself, the show, the remaining cast, and this person?

It’s worth risking, entirely worth risking, your personal comfort level for the increased potential of your show. I can honestly say, that so far, I haven’t been disappointed and I don’t think any one else who hasn’t made this mistake has been disappointed, either. Consider it an option based purely on talent, even if the personal relationship isn’t stellar–you might even shock yourself with how it improves.

‘Til next time.

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