Amalgamation of Life

Miss me?

Probably not the first time I’ve written this and definitely not going to be the last time that I write something of this nature. Between school, work, and theater (two different shows); something had to give so I could sleep easier at night. Unfortunately, what suffered was my blog and my blogging skills.

I also had to compete with lack of desire. Other things were cramping my writing style.; general stress, illness, and intellectual exhaustion. I really just needed a break from everything to ensure I was returning back to some sort of normalcy. A complete reset was necessary to feel capable and inspired to write again.

No one ever said blogging was easy. Fortunately for me, the more of a challenge, the more intrigued I am and likely to complete it. One last note: the first 10 weeks in 2019 I’ll be back in school, practically full time, dressing two shows and working full time. This is definitely likely to happen again and even more so when my production begins in March.

‘Til next time.

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