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Faux Pas

I, admittedly, am a walking faux pas.

I am the person who says the literal first thing that comes to their head before thinking… before clearly thinking about the potential ramifications. And while it is technically less of a problem in the theater world as compared to an office environment or corporate world, it is still a problem. There is a certain amount of tact required to exist in general, at work, during normal interactions, and even during abby-normal interactions at the theater.

See what I did there?

Faux pas that I find, from my perspective and based on my personality, to be unavoidable and near impossible to prevent from occurring in my life.

  1. Behaving awkwardly on and off stage; I will break character if something goes wrong and I cannot hide anything on my face.
  2. Losing focus, or getting overwhelmed and impatient with the distractions that inherently is theater (and its people).

There are worst things to make a faux pas about, though, right?

  1. Not maintaining confidentiality when asked
  2. Not being forthright with your capabilities and skills at the beginning of a show, at auditions
  3. Not know who you are working with; and not in the sense of their notoriety, but more so what each person is experiencing in their not-show life.

There are several faux pas that I promise never to make, and I can say ‘promise’ and ‘never’ because I would rather not even put on the show if it meant suffering through what I experienced.

  1. Back light a stage so that I blind the audience or make my actors feel uncomfortable with their personal physical-sensitivities
  2. Making people wait for to start a rehearsal or for a show to start (or, restart post intermission)

I think its good to be cognizant of where you excel and where you hold opportunities for improvements; but even when you make a mistake, own it, and learn from it. I think its great that you can learn not only from your own mistakes but from those of others, as audience members or as partners on the staff. It’s even better when you can take all of your learnings and put them into action for your own productions.

Thanks for sticking with me through my bouts of silence. I spent a lot of time thinking about writing again, it just needed to be the right time. ‘Til next time.

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