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Spoilers are going to run rampant through this post but I literally don’t think I could avoid it if I could try.. and I won’t because this movie is just too good to keep to myself.

Waiting for every one to leave if they don’t want spoilers.

Okay, let’s get into it.
I’d like to discuss a few things; character development, choreography, and plot movement. I am not a DC expert, hell I’m not even a Marvel expert but there have been more successful Marvel movies than DC and I’ve therefore enjoyed researching and reading about that franchise over this one. I will say, I am, at heart, a Batman girl but I might have room for a new superhero in my heart after seeing this movie.

I am eager to see what they do next for this character. Stick around for the end credits, spoiler alert: there will be a second film in this series and we’ll see more of a supporting actor that we should’ve seen in this one, in my opinion.

Let’s focus on the main characters, shall we? There’s a lot of great supporting characters, they actually will be discussed later on in the plot movement (hint: there’s a lot of that topic).

  • Arthur Curry, the real-life Aquaman, played by Jason Momoa. Aside from the stories about his onset shenanigans, I don’t know if there was a better actor for this movie. As we walked out, my mom and aunt agreed that Jason is going to take Dwayne Johnson’s place in our society. As a die hard The Rock fan, I find it hard to believe but we shall wait and see.
  • Mera of Nereus, played by Amber Heard. A self-possessed Atlantean (had to look up how to spell that one) woman raised to be queen but ended up leading the charge for revolution in Atlantis. It was hard to like her, personally, because I don’t think she was the right actor for this role. I’ve seen her work before and I don’t believe she should make money for what she calls acting. I like the character though, I was happy to see a woman loud and in charge.

Spoiler: these two end up together. She leaves his half brother, to be discussed below, about midway through the film through a marvelous escape and rescue mission when he doesn’t follow her instructions. Big man lead by petite, intelligent woman–pretty stereotypical but this is almost standard for plotlines, Aquaman originated in the 1940s and story creation and development were simple.

  • Nuidis Vulko, played by Willem Dafoe. This man had probably the most interesting visualization of the film; and this is including all of the CGI fish and merpeople, okay? HE AGED BACKWARDS. I did not know that I was watching Benjamin Button for fishes, but here we are in this world. I will say, I enjoyed this character and I am very happy that they did not kill him off. I’m curious to see if he goes evil in the future, he has all the intellect and qualities to do so and that would be a fun twist I’m prepared (and excited) to see.

Also, are they technically mammals? I shall check the interweb for more on this conversation, stay tuned.

  • Orm Marius, played by Patrick Wilson. I could not stop watching this man act. People came for Jason, but I stayed for Patrick. You know how women say they would’ve picked Gaston over the Beast? That’s me and Patrick (fun idea for a second live action: Jason as the Beast; let me keep that under my hat). Do you know what I discovered on my interweb searching for this man? HE PLAYED THE HERO IN THE 2004 FILM ADAPTION OF THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. It’s a far cry from how I felt about him them; I would’ve picked the phantom any day, and not just because it was Gerard Butler. Clearly I ignored all of the malevolence and ignorance of this character because I was so enthralled with the man; he won me over, while he didn’t end up becoming Ocean Master, he mastered my oceans.

As I’ve been deciding what to do with my show come March-June, I have realized how much I dislike choreography. This film has so many twists and turns that are perfectly aligned, it’s almost unbelievable. A film shouldn’t have its fight scenes, conversations, and scenes so choreographed you forget that the unbelievable part should be the fact these people exist underwater. Right? Right.

With that in consideration; it is not a slow moving movie. It is so perfectly timed, I did not once feel overwhelmed by the story. Could I have done without the back story of Atlanna (Nicole Kidman) and Thomas Curry (Arthur’s father)? Yes, I most certainly could have, but would any non-comic reader understood Arthur’s antagonism for Atlantis without it? YES! He says it when Mera show’s up. It was beautifully done, a bit like the 1980’s Splash movie, but it was very interesting to see Nicole Kidman swallow a goldfish. And I’m very happy she ended the film back with Thomas because that’s clearly where her heart belongs.

Speaking of Nicole… can she fight? Listen, I was not prepared to see this woman in a fight scene. I honestly didn’t know we were going to go that way with her, but they did. She fights. In the first ten minutes, she kicks the ass of 4 Atlantean guards before saving her land-family and returning to Atlantis (to be executed but escapes and tries to figure out how to get Atlan’s trident before Arthur shows up with Mera, this is through discovering listening to her actually makes logical sense, and they rescue her because Arthur gets the trident as he’s the one true king and it’s not his brother, Orm). *deep breath*

It’s a pretty standard superhero movie and it’s well done visually with a good, albeit standard, story that moves well. There was a few points of pain that I don’t know if any one else would notice or care to validate this pain of mine: Arthur’s trident (which was actually his mothers, Atlanna) for a majority of the film.. it wasn’t a trident! It was a cinqent… It had five prongs. I noticed that it was five immediately, didn’t bother me. I knew the actual trident must come later in the film, which it did, but it bothered me when his brother, Orm, called it “mothers trident.”

It’s got.. 5 prongs. So bothersome.

Do you want to know what else was bothersome? Why were there, essentially, two villain plot lines? Granted, the stories were both strong and intertwined marvelously, but it was very Marvel-esque (think Black Panther). Granted, when I heard the name Manta brought up, I was very excited to see what would happen there; this was Aquaman’s earliest villain and some of the comic scenes were phenomenally entertaining to view. But it was kind of squashed early on. Then brought back. Then squashed again. To be brought back as an end credit scene. While I am happy the protagonist isn’t dead and gone, I am deterred from engaging in these shenanigans in future DC movies. Either die and be gone or don’t bring up the character.

Overall, 8/10 would recommend for any one to see. Fun fact: I saw Mary Poppins Returns (review coming) the same day and while Julie Andrews did not make an appearance in that film, she does make an appearance in this film. See if you can find her. ‘Til next time.

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