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How to be selective

I’ve often asked myself why do I put myself into so many situations where I am overstretched, overworked, and overinvolved. I want to do everything and help everyone, but I often don’t get to do everything I want or want to help myself. It’s really not a healthy lifestyle to live. It’s aggressive, uncomfortable, and tiresome. If I look back on my blogs, in summary I feel that I could say a larger-than-I-like-portion is dedicated to these feelings.

I’ve had many discussions with friends and family in regards to how I have to do less. After a conversation with my wellness coach this week, it appears in 2019 my word will be: cull.

How I can cull the fat

How I can cull my work efficiently

How can I cull my ‘priorities’

I write this entry just as we get into play proposal season for 2019-2020 at my two theaters. I have four shows I am interested in directing, two for each site, and I am really struggling with which one(s) do I choose (and where) and what else do I do with my life when I’m not at the theater? Looking at the pre-assembly of shows, there are few that I’d be interested in acting in. And again, as I write this entry, I signed up to do production of another show.

Now, whether or not that show gets selected to be a part of the season remains to be seen, so I am not overly worried about being stressed out next season but it’s a possibility. The beauty of next season is that it will be the first season where I will not have graduate school to compete with my rehearsal time in the evenings. While it’ll be great to cull out some of the ineffective activities that eat up my time, it’ll be even better to get rid of some of the effective activities, too.

I am, overall, tired of overextending myself. I promise a lot and I do a lot. While there’s been nothing wrong with that for these past few years, which I have so entitled as my ‘popular’ years, it does grow wearisome. I’ll be cutting my proposal list down in half, for both theaters, and really focusing on doing the things I love the most: directing, acting, and costumes. Since this is a more selective purview, I’ll hopefully gain more and more time as the years roll forward. And from this, continue to have additional resources available to do what I love doing best.

It’ll take a lot of work, because it’s hard saying no to my friends, but it’ll be worth it in the end and I am excited to see what exactly I get out of these choices. Stay tuned, ’til next time.

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