Amalgamation of Life

Old friends

Theatre is one of the great wonders that connects persons across age, gender, ethnicity race, or anything. It is a true community with friendships that can, and sometimes do, last a lifetime. I have been fortunate in my life to come across individuals who make my work in theater worth living. I spend a lot of time writing out my thoughts on those individuals who cause me to pause, think hard, and either take a step back or trudge forward. Gloomily, sometimes; even, to an extent, creating a negative atmosphere around me, dragging others down.

These moments and experiences are no longer worth the time or effort in my life or in my blog. I am going to be spending time, going forward, focusing on the lasting relationships I’ve built and what I learned from each of the individuals. Names will be changed, or withheld, and I will describe the brilliant people I’ve been fortunate enough to come across and gain as family in my theatrical career. It’ll be a long term project, I’m excited for it.

I hope you are, too. ‘Til next time.

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