Amalgamation of Life, Director

When will this be a show?

I had a question I asked myself many moons ago, a question I didn’t have an answer to at the time. “When will this be a show?” I asked myself this question after I was selected to direct it but before I started planning the entire process. Or, at least, the entire process as I then saw and presently see the entire process. The unknown frightened me.

I am no longer afraid. I have made as many preparations as I am capable of making at this point, there’s very few additional steps I need to take. I am going to have a strategy meeting with my production staff, to go over the preliminary calendar I have developed. That’s actually a decision I need to make soon; do I have it before auditions or do I hold it the night of final auditions where we are already gathered together? But ultimately, everything else (as known to me) is done.

Effectively. It’s been a show since I was approved to direct it. I don’t know why I questioned it and I don’t know why I spent so much time worrying about being unprepared. I am, if nothing else, an over preparer. Look at the contents of my purse:

This is by no means an advertisement, paid or otherwise, for any of the above seen products.

Aside from the general necessities (wallet, keys–which are technically in my coat pocket–lotion, and chapstick), the amount of items in my bag is insane. It’s just almost unnecessary but necessary. And, food for thought, this isn’t actually everything in my bag. These are just examples of things in my bag.

There’s actually (2) protein bars, (3) packs of gum, (6) individual tampons, (2) fresh wipes, and a bunch of other things that are random and totally unnecessary. But necessary! I have coupons, gift certificates that don’t fit in my wallet, and lone/single count cough drops that I didn’t feel like gathering for the picture. I never know where I am going or what I might need to achieve success in my destination.

To me, being a director is like having my purse ready to go. I have my director book, notes, and a flexibility prepared to change on a dime, reveling in the ambiguity of a potentially amorphous atmosphere. So, to answer myself, from many months ago, it’s been a show for as long as I had been assigned a director. People just need to show, including me, prepared to put on the best production we can manage. ‘Til next time.

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