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I want to tell you about my brain

If I could, I would pull an Igor from Young Frankenstein and slap it on the table for Dr. Frankenstein to inspect and declare abnormal. I am riddled with ideas for this blog, often having more than I can write about at any single sitting. Clearly, as I am sitting here writing a new post rather than the post that was next in my draft list.

Now, my draft list is very interesting.

That’s amazing, so many ideas. And that number, 55, constantly changes–it drops down, it goes up, it fluctuates more than I can track. As many ideas as I have blogged and posted about, I’m still shocked there’s more for me to write, and more that I think up to write. It’s so surreal to me to have that much information in my brain at any one time. But can I tell you, it’s not all in my brain like it should be.

This is a picture of my next draft. The title is intriguing, engaging, and speaks to itself quite well. And I mean that literally, it literally speaks to itself because it sure as shit isn’t speaking to me. I wrote this idea a month ago and have no recollection what I meant or what I could mean. Granted, I only gave it about 5 minutes worth of thought before writing this post, but then it occurred to me write this post! It’s nice having a flow of ideas, but it can also run out of control.

That’s a second blog post I’m writing about in the near future–how many ideas is too many ideas? how easy it is to lose control… I’m working on the title. But!–I am glad to have exposed you to a deeper part of my brain. I hope this provides some more clarity into how I operate this blog and how I operate in general. I can’t tell you how many post it notes and iPhone notes (crap, my iPad and *this* MacBook) exist in my life with random and incomplete but probably pretty solid and intriguing thoughts.

Do you ever overwhelm yourself? ‘Til next time.

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