Amalgamation of Life


This year I set a personal goal to read 100 books. I am eager and ready to read a book that isn’t school related. However, I do have many books regarding project management on my docket. I didn’t think I would consider a book on directing–frankly, I didn’t even know there would be books for directors.

Which seems dumb to say, now, because a majority of awesome colleges offer this as a degree program. So where the heck was I and why didn’t I think of this months ago? I can’t tell you why I didn’t, other than sheer lack of thought, but I saw a commentary on one of my Facebook groups and decided to investigate further. Someone suggested this book:

And I liked the description. I liked its costs. I figure it can’t hurt? Maybe it’ll help me. I have to read it quick (and get it delivered quick–thank god for Prime membership) because auditions are around the corner and a good portion of the book considers homework/pre-work before even proposing to direct. If I didn’t feel behind the 8-ball before, I feel kind of like that right now.

‘Til next time.

p.s. I’ll be writing a review on the book in the near future 🙂 stay tuned!

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