Amalgamation of Life


What have I learned?

Mostly from rereading this blog, and reviewing a majority of my diatribes, is how much introspection I’ve done in preparation. When I talk about Forum, or preparing for it, I talk with such passion that even I am taken aback by it. I am flat out shocked. I think that I am, and have been, ready for some time.

Longer than I expected to see and longer than I can comprehend. I don’t know how long I have felt this way but it’s become more apparent as I get closer to auditions, finish additional prep-work, and gear up with my staff. The last things to do is finalize the schedule and get to do’ing.

Now, the real question is, are you ready? Cause I can’t even imagine the amount of posts I’ll have that stem from auditions, rehearsals, and production. ‘Til next time.

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