Amalgamation of Life


Flexibility isn’t just about stretching and preparing for an audition, rehearsal, or show. It can be about adjusting for the weather, taking feedback well (and rolling with it), and including new ideas freely and without guff. Sometimes you have to roll with the punches, other times you have to dole out the punches; such is life, and such is theater life.

My first show, my directorial debut–its auditions are delayed because of a sudden snow storm. Am I wrecked? Eh. I had the opportunity to nap; and as I feel like I’m still recovering from last race weekend, a nap was a godsend. I am taking it easy over the next few days to ensure I am awake, ready, and even more prepared for the auditions.

Nothing is worse than a tired, potentially disinterested director, right? Right. Naps for the win!

So, all in all–to reiterate my last post: you have to entertain your own notions but allow and accept new interpretations of the characters and you also have to bow down to the laws of nature. I’d rather be overcautious and miss a rehearsal than have any actor or staff member risk their safety in poor weather conditions.

Again, am I disappointed? Maybe a little, but it was my call and I am ready to go. Will I survive? Most certainly.

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