Amalgamation of Life

It finally happened

My auditions were caught in a hitch, initially, but ended up producing some amazing talent. I am so pleased to have met new persons to theater in general, new persons to my little blackbox theater, and (what I call) classic talent–those persons who are veterans to the show and/or the theater. It was a nice mix of new and tenured actors, bouncing off one another to produce some amazing scenes and showcase their talent.

Was it all pretty? No. I stumbled on my introduction, even forgetting my name one night, lost track of my thoughts–I was probably more nervous than my actors, but who can blame me? I was meant for staging a show, not being on the stage. I realize now that I should have prepared my own story a bit more, much like at my job where I have an elevator speech about who I am and what I do. I can be funny, I made them laugh, but I am definitely meant to be in production staff and not center stage.

So, as I write this, my cast has been emailed (and either accepted or declined) and it’ll be announced on both the Facebook page and website. Tonight is our read through, introductions, and do a brief overview of mutual expectations. To say I am excited is a severe understatement. More details to come.

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