Amalgamation of Life

I need to learn

My last few posts have focused on my flexibility, or the need for me to be flexible, when it comes to the upcoming production (and entire experience behind) A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. Let’s start with what I know happened during auditions, things that are written and confirmed by my producer and others.

  1. There is a large desire for a weekend audition evening/afternoon time slot.
  2. You can never emphasize what your audition requirements are enough, through any medium.
  3. No matter how prepared you are, you will be thrown through a loop at least once.

I had, and have, a majority of work completed for the show. I am missing maybe the last 7 pages of blocking, measurements for the stage build, and need to purchase the costumes (but reasonably, couldn’t do that until I had my actors in place). I had all the print outs, all the arrangements, and knew exactly what scenes went with what character groups per the requests on their sheet. But not everything was perfect, despite being perfectly planned.

  1. I made a typographical error on the audition form. I forgot a key set of words. Easily remedied by 1:1 discussion, when prompted, and said at-large to the actors.
  2. Have a back up plan when not enough of a specific and/or assigned (per the script) gender auditions on the same night.
  3. Set realistic expectations both at the start and the end of the audition, and send a follow up email with the actors after every audition evening; including gratitude and next steps. Repetition is your (and the actors) friend.

Overall, it’s not just the actors who have to learn from me once they’re cast, it’s an iterative process where I grow and develop to take better care in the future starting with auditions. So far, it’s been going well. My show is cast, my cast is lovely, and I am eager for us to continue learning and growing together. So, here’s to our future (as writer and readers) and how I evolve in this process.

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