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Loyalty to a theater?

Loyalty to a theater or only to the craft? I had been picking theater over craft in my early years but I think I did that to recall how to interact and work on a production. It's a different kind of beast. I had a lot to remember from high school and because of everything… Continue reading Loyalty to a theater?

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It's time for peek of the day - one of the scripts I'm dying to try one day is... ... You Can't Take it with You: A Comedy in Three Acts by Moss Hart It's time for Deep Dive Friday! Have you ever tried to escape your family? Mainly because you've been stuck in a… Continue reading *peek*

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Wonderful Women Wednesday

One of my most favorite images of a sarcastic woman for me comes from one of my my most recent (and now fully extensive) television experiences with a character. She blew me out of my mind--April Ludgate. Intelligent, strong, and unyielding to patriarchal demands: a perfect combination that leaves audiences cracking up for years. Special shout… Continue reading Wonderful Women Wednesday

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What would I do on house arrest?

I don't know if I've ever told you guys, but I'm kind of a giant nerd. I love movies, theater, comics, and fantasy. What better way to get my kicks in than with the Marvel universe? Excluding it's recent venture into getting Spiderman on Broadway--seriously, who thought that was a good idea? Even this nerd… Continue reading What would I do on house arrest?