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Is it cold outside?…Not any more!

It's just cold on the inside, but I never let it bother me. One of my friends is a blog writer, too! She is one of the influencers in my life--I started running because of her and I started blogging in awe of her. She does a lot of things better than I do, she's… Continue reading Is it cold outside?…Not any more!

Amalgamation of Life, Director

Is it *truly* to be or is it not to be?

Have you ever seen a production and wondered to did this person get any role, let alone the role they were selected for? It doesn't take another director to sometimes recognize bad casting decisions as I think often times people believe it to be favoritism, sometimes known as precasting. But, in the defense of… Continue reading Is it *truly* to be or is it not to be?

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Review: Titanic

I would like to begin by noting to my audience that all thoughts and findings, perhaps even suggestions, are purely my own and are not paid for by the production, staff, cast, or the sponsor(s) of show seen and reviewed. Now that that is out of the way--this show was shocking to me. I liked… Continue reading Review: Titanic

Amalgamation of Life, Director

How did I pick…? Part I

A show? I don't know. It came up in play reading and as you might recall A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum has been a bucket list show because I knew it was a bucket list show. I am beyond ecstatic that it's going to be my first show. It's one of… Continue reading How did I pick…? Part I