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Mandated clothing for crew

Mandate black clothing for crew? I am definitely one of those people who own (perhaps) a (literal) ton of black clothing. But I often never find myself wearing it on performance nights where I am production staff. At my little black box theatre, it seems (almost) completely unnecessary. My work is done downstairs or completely… Continue reading Mandated clothing for crew

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Wonderful Women Wednesday

One of my most recent influences and images of a powerful woman for me comes from one of my my most recent (and now fully extensive) television experiences with a real-life woman. She blew me out of my mind--Lorelai Gilmore. Loyal, fiercely protective, and compassionate: a perfect combination that leaves no one quaking in their boots. Special… Continue reading Wonderful Women Wednesday

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Headshots--do I ask for them? I want to be totally real right now. I have a hard time remembering peoples names, faces, and any such combination of the two. I am really half tempted to request any one who auditions for me to submit their form with a headshots. Then labelling those headshots (if a… Continue reading Headshots

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I auditioned.

Me. Yes, I auditioned. The girl who was only meant to be staff for the next year or so. Who wasn't going to overbook myself this year. Well, it was a missed opportunity. I wasn't as prepared vocally and I really bombed on the singing audition. But, boy, did I rock out the reading audition.… Continue reading I auditioned.