Amalgamation of Life


What have I learned? Mostly from rereading this blog, and reviewing a majority of my diatribes, is how much introspection I've done in preparation. When I talk about Forum, or preparing for it, I talk with such passion that even I am taken aback by it. I am flat out shocked. I think that I… Continue reading Introspection

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Enticement: Auditions

"The time has come, the walrus said!"Okay, I have a hate love relationship with this quote. I can't tell if when I quote that I am the walrus since I am saying the time has come. But that's enough psychoanalysis for a blog post today, or any day really. My auditions are in a month!… Continue reading Enticement: Auditions

Amalgamation of Life


This year I set a personal goal to read 100 books. I am eager and ready to read a book that isn't school related. However, I do have many books regarding project management on my docket. I didn't think I would consider a book on directing--frankly, I didn't even know there would be books for… Continue reading So…

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I want to tell you about my brain

If I could, I would pull an Igor from Young Frankenstein and slap it on the table for Dr. Frankenstein to inspect and declare abnormal. I am riddled with ideas for this blog, often having more than I can write about at any single sitting. Clearly, as I am sitting here writing a new post… Continue reading I want to tell you about my brain

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Blind Auditions

Are blind auditions advantageous or ridiculous? I've been giving more thought to holding blind auditions for┬ámy upcoming show and I have resigned myself to believe that they aren't feasible for me. And, normally, I am a person who would say a 'not now' or 'maybe in the future;' but I think this time, I mean… Continue reading Blind Auditions