Amalgamation of Life

Bye y’all!

What.. did you think I was going away forever? Nope! I'm going to Walt Disney World! Enjoy the posts I have queue'd up so you don't miss me too much. And keep me in your thoughts while running in my first Fairy Tale Challenge! 'Til next time 🙂

Amalgamation of Life

Wonderful Women Wednesday

One of the strongest influences and images of a powerful woman for me comes from one of my new favorite book to movie series: Hunger Games. She blew me out of my mind: Katniss Everdeen. Smart, strong, caring and fierce: a perfect combination that leaves men quaking in their boots. Special shout out to Jennifer Lawrence for bringing… Continue reading Wonderful Women Wednesday

Amalgamation of Life

Actors who repeat roles

I am presently involved with two productions at my little black box where there are two actors who have performed the role they are presently cast in as they previously were cast in. When I heard the first one, I was a little taken aback but ultimately let it go. Then it happened in the… Continue reading Actors who repeat roles

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How I got back into theatre

Basic origin story: Started in high school in an attempt to make more friends and possibly meet boys. Made no additional (or any) friends but did meet a boyfriend who last for approximately a year and a half. He graduated and I stayed involved with the theatre until I graduated. When I moved onto college,… Continue reading How I got back into theatre