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The review is in!

Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street at Steel River Playhouse I would like to begin by noting to my audience that all thoughts and findings, perhaps even suggestions, are purely my own and are not paid for by the production, staff, cast, or the sponsor(s) of show seen and reviewed. I think it's imperative… Continue reading The review is in!

Amalgamation of Life

Treat yo’self

Treat yourself doesn't necessarily have to mean spend an extravagant amount of money on something you want (service, product, etc.). It can sometimes mean just taking some time away from your every day life to realign and focus inward. I've learned recently that I often forget to schedule downtime (yes, my life is that hectic… Continue reading Treat yo’self

Amalgamation of Life

Do you remember me?

Do you remember who I am and what this blog is about? Because I have been so remiss on writing posts, I wouldn't be shocked if I had lost any followers. I am scheduling some time on my weekly calendar to get back on track and return to my roots--a lot has been happening and… Continue reading Do you remember me?

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Appropriate thanks

What I've been missing in my recent thank-full posts may not be very apparent in my everyday life. I am thankful to my readers, you. Those people who have been following, by accident or on purpose, for the last year or so. I wouldn't have made it through some of my darkest moments without your… Continue reading Appropriate thanks

Amalgamation of Life

Welp, it’s been 3 months…

Welp, it's been 3 months--where did I end up in my goals? June 2018 Successfully┬ásuggest, prepare, plan, audition, direct, and let go of a production Plot out one script with stage directions, costume themes, set design, sound/music I'm still here! I'll be in the planning stage until March 3, 2019 @ 6:59 p.m. I actually… Continue reading Welp, it’s been 3 months…