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I want to tell you about my brain

If I could, I would pull an Igor from Young Frankenstein and slap it on the table for Dr. Frankenstein to inspect and declare abnormal. I am riddled with ideas for this blog, often having more than I can write about at any single sitting. Clearly, as I am sitting here writing a new post… Continue reading I want to tell you about my brain

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Rules for a production run

I'm going to make a short list and then offer some explanations and reasons after it. Review your roleKnow your call timePartner with your peersAsk questions before opening night For all of your rehearsal time, you have been inundated with cues and lines as well as (hopefully) supporting actors who help you when you struggle,… Continue reading Rules for a production run

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Rules for tech week

Be ready to stop. A lot. Nothing is slower than a tech week, which is unfortunate because you usually need to accomplish a lot in a very short amount of time. There's a running list that never seems to be accomplished or completed in time, but if you get a majority ticked off.. you end… Continue reading Rules for tech week

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Ensemble Actors

Ensemble Actors.  An ensemble, especially a strong ensemble, can save a production. I have seen shows where I've been more enthralled to watch an ensemble than the principal actors. Not specifically because of the actors, sometimes roles are poorly written or the production isn't my jam. For instance, a few years ago I saw Peter… Continue reading Ensemble Actors

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A Look Back

What have I accomplished? A lot! I often underestimate myself but let me run through everything I did in 2018: Costume designed my first period piece, The 1940s Radio Hour Supported the cast in their aging make up, Dixie Swim Club Consulted on costumes, Our Town Supported the cast in their natural make up, Vanya… Continue reading A Look Back