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Open letter to theatre.

I've done my best over the past year (and some change) to be as honest as possible with my thoughts and feelings relating to theatre. I think, going back and re-reading some posts, that I have been forthright and accurate in my depiction of my feelings; it's a love-hate relationship. Theatre is not a beast… Continue reading Open letter to theatre.

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Rules for strikes

I recently discovered that strike means different things to different theaters and does not have a universal list of priorities. Standard 'to-dos' are: An entire set has to be disassembled and a new set has to be reassembled (although this second part can take a few weekends), Costumes have to be laundered, Props organized and… Continue reading Rules for strikes

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Strategy for the 2018-2019 Season

I wish I had remembered sooner that I drafted this blog post before August.. especially, before the end of August. I should have had a strategy built for this season prior to auditioning, casting, and planning for All Shook Up. But(!), I do have a plan and I am excited to share it with you… Continue reading Strategy for the 2018-2019 Season

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Ensemble Actors

Ensemble actors--how do you make them pop while not distracting from the story? It can be hard reining people in from showcasing their exuberance and personality on the stage. I can speak to this directly concerning the work I've been doing on All Shook Up. Actors, myself included, have to be reminded that while you… Continue reading Ensemble Actors

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How are you supposed to react when you're rejected by a production staff? It sucks and it isn't easy getting over any kind of rejection. Not that it is anything like a break-up, but it's similar in the sense that you are often told: "We are going in a different direction." "There's no chemistry." How… Continue reading Rejected.