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Why do I like costuming?

I am often asked why, starting approximately two years ago, I switched from being on the stage to being backstage--in short, why do I like costuming actors? It's kind of simple: I like to play dress up, and costuming is simply grown up dress up. It's not much different from why I like acting. As an… Continue reading Why do I like costuming?

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Strategy for the 2018-2019 Season

I wish I had remembered sooner that I drafted this blog post before August.. especially, before the end of August. I should have had a strategy built for this season prior to auditioning, casting, and planning for All Shook Up. But(!), I do have a plan and I am excited to share it with you… Continue reading Strategy for the 2018-2019 Season

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Loyalty to a theater?

Loyalty to a theater or only to the craft? I had been picking theater over craft in my early years but I think I did that to recall how to interact and work on a production. It's a different kind of beast. I had a lot to remember from high school and because of everything… Continue reading Loyalty to a theater?

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Those who help me

Dress. I didn't know, when I started with these theme of blog posts (hint: this title will be coming up again) that I'd include the following group (type?) of people for thanks. Parents. I don't know why but when I started this recent journey on Curtains! I didn't know I would have help. I think… Continue reading Those who help me

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Plan Ahead

I can't speak enough for planning ahead. Do not wait until production week to complete your costume plot for production. Things go so much smoother when you are properly prepared and thoughtful with your approach to dress individuals. I can't tell you how many kudos I received from the teenagers who, I discovered a few… Continue reading Plan Ahead