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Enticement: Auditions

"The time has come, the walrus said!"Okay, I have a hate love relationship with this quote. I can't tell if when I quote that I am the walrus since I am saying the time has come. But that's enough psychoanalysis for a blog post today, or any day really. My auditions are in a month!… Continue reading Enticement: Auditions

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I want to tell you about my brain

If I could, I would pull an Igor from Young Frankenstein and slap it on the table for Dr. Frankenstein to inspect and declare abnormal. I am riddled with ideas for this blog, often having more than I can write about at any single sitting. Clearly, as I am sitting here writing a new post… Continue reading I want to tell you about my brain

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Blind Auditions

Are blind auditions advantageous or ridiculous? I've been giving more thought to holding blind auditions for┬ámy upcoming show and I have resigned myself to believe that they aren't feasible for me. And, normally, I am a person who would say a 'not now' or 'maybe in the future;' but I think this time, I mean… Continue reading Blind Auditions

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How do you budget

The time has come, the walrus said! To plan the 2019-2020 season and what I want to propose as director. I am very excited to have four equally engaging and entertaining shows at my finger tips. I'm following up on rights for two of them, but I don't predict any blockades in my future. And… Continue reading How do you budget

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Rules for a production run

I'm going to make a short list and then offer some explanations and reasons after it. Review your roleKnow your call timePartner with your peersAsk questions before opening night For all of your rehearsal time, you have been inundated with cues and lines as well as (hopefully) supporting actors who help you when you struggle,… Continue reading Rules for a production run