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When will this be a show?

I had a question I asked myself many moons ago, a question I didn't have an answer to at the time. "When will this be a show?" I asked myself this question after I was selected to direct it but before I started planning the entire process. Or, at least, the entire process as I… Continue reading When will this be a show?

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Update: short term goals

Let's look at where I left my short term goals October 2018: Successfully suggest, prepare, plan, audition, direct, and let go of a production Plot out one script with stage directions, costume themes, set design, sound/music Read 5 3 1 non-school booksRead 8-9 school books (yes.. they are all listed for my next three courses)Build out portfolio of accomplishments (pictures of… Continue reading Update: short term goals

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Enticement: Audiences

Not every show is a guaranteed sell out just by title alone, there are some shows that require a lot of publicity and a lot of foot work by the cast to get sold out performances. It's the nature of the business, even shows on Broadway struggle and close early. In the community theater world,… Continue reading Enticement: Audiences

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Rules for tech week

Be ready to stop. A lot. Nothing is slower than a tech week, which is unfortunate because you usually need to accomplish a lot in a very short amount of time. There's a running list that never seems to be accomplished or completed in time, but if you get a majority ticked off.. you end… Continue reading Rules for tech week

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Ensemble Actors

Ensemble Actors.  An ensemble, especially a strong ensemble, can save a production. I have seen shows where I've been more enthralled to watch an ensemble than the principal actors. Not specifically because of the actors, sometimes roles are poorly written or the production isn't my jam. For instance, a few years ago I saw Peter… Continue reading Ensemble Actors