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Update: short term goals

Let's look at where I left my short term goals October 2018: Successfully suggest, prepare, plan, audition, direct, and let go of a production Plot out one script with stage directions, costume themes, set design, sound/music Read 5 3 1 non-school booksRead 8-9 school books (yes.. they are all listed for my next three courses)Build out portfolio of accomplishments (pictures of… Continue reading Update: short term goals

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A Look Back

What have I accomplished? A lot! I often underestimate myself but let me run through everything I did in 2018: Costume designed my first period piece, The 1940s Radio Hour Supported the cast in their aging make up, Dixie Swim Club Consulted on costumes, Our Town Supported the cast in their natural make up, Vanya… Continue reading A Look Back

Amalgamation of Life, Graduate Student

Can this be considered self-induced torture?

A goal I set for myself earlier this year was to read 5 non-school books. Can this be considered self-induced torture? At first, I definitely felt this way--that I was going to be too tired, have too much work to do, and not really enjoy reading for fun. I think I honestly forgot what fun… Continue reading Can this be considered self-induced torture?

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What would I do on house arrest?

I don't know if I've ever told you guys, but I'm kind of a giant nerd. I love movies, theater, comics, and fantasy. What better way to get my kicks in than with the Marvel universe? Excluding it's recent venture into getting Spiderman on Broadway--seriously, who thought that was a good idea? Even this nerd… Continue reading What would I do on house arrest?