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Enticement: Audiences

Not every show is a guaranteed sell out just by title alone, there are some shows that require a lot of publicity and a lot of foot work by the cast to get sold out performances. It's the nature of the business, even shows on Broadway struggle and close early. In the community theater world,… Continue reading Enticement: Audiences

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The review is in!…(yes, again)

What? I saw a lot of movies over the Christmas break. I deserved it. Remember my realignment post? And I've still had time to write these blogs, so take that judgers! This time I'll be focusing on... Mary Poppins Returns Get ready for spoilers.Just so you guys know, I do try my best to write these reviews… Continue reading The review is in!…(yes, again)

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The review is in!…

Aquaman Spoilers are going to run rampant through this post but I literally don't think I could avoid it if I could try.. and I won't because this movie is just too good to keep to myself. ... Waiting for every one to leave if they don't want spoilers. Okay, let's get into it.I'd like… Continue reading The review is in!…

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All seven.

All seven and we'll watch them fall.. No, this isn't going to be about the song by Prince, may he rest in peace. This is going to be a post about the seven stories we all tell. The 7 story models are: Overcoming the Monster (think Frankenstein) Rags to Riches (think Cinderella) The Quest (think Man of La… Continue reading All seven.

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Crossing mediums.

Should, and can, movie actors move to theater, or vice versa? Part two! I have a whole theory that the answer should be no, but every once in an actor I have to change my opinion. In this blog entry, I'll focus on a few examples of high quality actors that can traverse any medium… Continue reading Crossing mediums.