Amalgamation of Life

Guess what…?

I was nominated for best costume designer for All Shook Up! I am beyond shocked and amazed, thank you to every one for all of your support throughout my journey. Please take a few minutes out of your day and vote for me!

Amalgamation of Life, Graduate Student

Can this be considered self-induced torture?

A goal I set for myself earlier this year was to read 5 non-school books. Can this be considered self-induced torture? At first, I definitely felt this way--that I was going to be too tired, have too much work to do, and not really enjoy reading for fun. I think I honestly forgot what fun… Continue reading Can this be considered self-induced torture?

Amalgamation of Life, Reviewer

Movie Reviews

I am going into unchartered territory to discuss the validity of a concept. A repeated concept, I should say. I am going to review a franchise of work based on it's most recent iteration of the Jurassic Park series, specifically Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. I'd like to point out that I could also write this… Continue reading Movie Reviews